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Analysis of Health Status

Optimum Physical- Social- Psychic- Spiritual health status
To maintain and promote health status first we have to know the health status of a person.
According to the concept of Prakriti (Genetic constitution) every person is born with a viable concentration of three doshas i.e. Vata- Pitta- Kapha, depending upon their concentration 7 types of basic constitutions are described which reflect the health status; i.e. Vataj, Pittaj, Kaphaj, Vata- pittaj, Vata -Kaphaj, Pitta- Kaphaj& Sama Prakriti.

Prakriti is the systemic expression of vata-pitta-kapha within physiological range.

To evaluate Prakriti following characteristics are taken into consideration-

Body Frame

V. Thin body frame with very light small / large bones, prominent or protrude at bone joints/ either tall or short limbs/ disproportionate
body/ structural abnormalities like deviated nasal septum/ extra finger/ less finger/ cleft palate/ hare lip/ scoliosis.
P. Medium frame with medium bones length and development/ well proportionate body.
K. Medium to large/ broad body frame/ heavy and well-hidden joints/ well proportionate body.

V. Difficult or impossible to gain weight/ usually underweight. If gained, it is in the middle portion.
P. Easy gain/ loss of weight, if gained, evenly distributed all over body.
K. Gain weight easily but lose with difficulty. Fat deposition takes place usually in lower body parts; waist, thigh etc.


V. Thick/ dry, all over / in patches/ prone to cracking/ cold on touch/ dark complexion/ get tanned deeply but does not tend to burn in sun or by radiations easily.
P. Thin/ oily/ smooth/ warm to touch/ fair complexion with pinkish tinge/ prone to rashes/ pimples/ wrinkles/ tanning/ sun burning/ usually with much moles/ light brown and smooth hair all over.
K. Thick/ smooth, well lubricated/ cold on touch/ fair complexion with yellow tinge/ not prone to tanning or sun burn/ smooth black body hair.

Head Hair

V. Dry/ coarse/ thick/ brittle/ rough in texture/ curly or even fizzy/ prone to dandruff/ splits at ends/ usually do not fall.
P. Thick/ brown or blonde/ thin / straight/ dim in luster/ prone to early graying/ falling.
K. Thick/ brown or dark brown/ black/ slightly wavy/ oily with good luster/ not prone to falling or graying


V. Dry/ dull/ lusterless/ small eye ball/ not very prominent/ grayish or bluish tinge to sclera/ may be with squint/ nystagmus.
P. Medium in size/ green or red or light blue iris/ sclera with reddish tinge.
K. Big/ cool with moisture/ stable/ black iris/ sclera with white or milky white tinge.

Dietary Habits
V. Variable in appetite and digestion/ anxious to eat but eat less/ cannot remain without food for longer period. In between regular meals require snacks/ less thirst/ scanty urination/ hard stools/ prone to constipation / require strong laxative to evacuate bowels.

P. Always have good appetite and digestion/ always ready to eat and enjoy it in good amount/ drink lot of water/ profuse urination and sweating/ loose to semisolid, regular bowels/ prone to diarrhea or loose motion.

K. Moderate appetite and digestion/ food intake is regular/ less in amount but prone to emotional eating/ can tolerate hunger and thirst for a longer period / regular bowel habit/ well formed stools.

Sleeping Habits

V. Light sleepers / trouble to sleep or may wake up several times during night for no reason. Feels fresh after waking up in the morning/ snoring or teeth grinding during sleep / dream a lot and forget easily/ active dreams like flying in the air, rash driving etc.
P. Sleep easily but lightly/ mostly enjoy restful sleep and feel fresh even after a minimum of sleep for many nights in a row/ dreams are passionate often see heat, lightening and other energy, money transferring/ usually remember the dreams.
K. Sleep easily heavily; deeply/ feel fresh in the morning. Cannot tolerate less sleeping hours/ nights in a row/ usually have calm, cool, peaceful dreams, water and places nearby.

Physical Strength

V. Very active but often restless with low stamina/ muscle tone is usually poor with poor co-ordination/ think a lot of physical work but easily get exhausted.
P. Very energetic and competitive with medium stamina/ muscle tone and co-ordination are medium.
K. Excellent energy with least driving force or interest / once started have full stamina/ excellent muscle tone and naturally co-ordinates.

Mental Strength

V. Very sensitive / anxious/ react quickly to changes in environment/ great adaptability/ can get attached or detached easily without any emotional set-back / can not concentrate on a subject for longer period to draw any conclusion/ easily make or break friendship, habits.
P. Get angry easily/ mentally strong (determined)/ dominating/ courageous/ believe in fair play/ believe in taking revenge even for small doings? Intelligent and clever/ have capacity to understand and analyze any subject/ situation/ always try to dominate with good management skill/ easily make friends but get emotionally attached when friendship breaks and turns into enemy.
K. Sweet and serious in nature/ avoid confrontations/ intelligent/ positive thinking pattern/ can ignore the wrong doings of others easily/ but if determine to revenge, always win/ can concentrate on one subject if the interest is developed up to the phase of completion/ do make lot of friends but only after understanding the nature of person/ have long lasting friendship.(In excess this type of persons may engender passivity, attachment, possessiveness and greed.


V. Easily remember the words and concepts as it is for a short period even without much understanding and forget easily/ Good short term memory/ very difficult to understand the concept and not good in creating new concepts/ very anxious about starting new venture but get in very easily does not necessarily act ethically.
P. Very difficult to remember any concept or word as it is/ can understand the subject analyze it give own words/ very efficient in understanding, planning and implementing/ can not recollect day to day finer details/ good investors and managers including finances.
K. Not good in entering in the new subject if entered, then understand slowly once understood then have a very good memory/ not good or quick innovators but can concentrate for a longer period/ if interest develop best innovators, best managers/ sometimes tend to be very inflexible or rigid towards even required change.

Depending upon type of basic presence of basic five elements Desha (habitat) is of three types in view of Ayurveda i.e. the way they effect the health of individual in that area or simply the concentration of VATA, PITTA, KAPHA is that are, Sadharana (P, K, V Balanced); Jangla (Vata dominant); Anupa (Pitta dominant), Kala (environmental factors); six seasons in Ayurveda which also influence the growth and health status of individuals depending upon the concentrations of doshas in particular season. After studying all these mainly three factors Prakriti, Desha, Kala of a person life style, food/ dietary selection is advised to maintain health status i.e. Dinacharya (daily routines in terms of diet, exercise, work, personal hygiene) and Ritucharya (seasonal routines covering all aspects of life’s requirements including sexual activities) are decided.

Natural Doshas’ Rhythmic Cycles

Dosha Day Night Relation to meals Age
Kapha 6-10AM 6-10PM Immediately after meals up 1½ hours Childhood 0-20 Years
Pitta 10AM-2PM 10PM-2AM From 1½Hrs to 3 hrs after meals Young- middle age 20-60 Years
Vata 2-6AM 2-6AM From 3 hrs to next meal Old age 60>

Seasonal Variation v/s Doshas’ Rhythmic Cycles

Hemanta (Winter Seasons) – Accumulation of Kapha-Pitta, Vata normal

Shishira (winter) – Accumulation of Kapha (Vata), pitta & vata normal Vasanta (spring) – vitiated kapha, pitta & vata normal Grisma (hot) – Accumulation of vata, pitta is normal & kapha decreases to normal Varsha (Rainy) – Vitiated Vata, accumulation of Pitta & kapha normal Sarada (cold) – Vitiation of Pitta, Vata receding towards normal range, Kapha normal

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