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Molecular correlates to Vata-Pitta & Kapha, a unique study at CSIR This study might be succeed in finding the key to decode the metaphysics of Ayurveda in molecular language & it might be a streamlining step in understanding for the ultra complex genetics

Vedic System of Healthy Living Vedic lifestyle is an effective preventive & curative measure for its personalized approach in knowing physiological & Therapeutic requirements

Superspecilities at Vedanta Ayurveda Vedic Art & Science of Predicting,Preventing & Curing of Diseases & Healthy,Peaceful& Purposeful Living

Ayurveda, need of the modern society The physio-psychological- nature can be transformed to retard the ageing rate,healthy state for ever & stepping towards immortality by revealing spirituality .

Cancer Management at Vedanta Ayurveda Integral care of cancer is possible thru Ayurveda that target the disease process & improve the available natural healing power of the person

Trishutra Ayurveda The ayurveda is interwoven in knowledge networking Hetu-Linga & Aushadha & studies of these areas is interdependent on each other.

Ayurvedic Therapeutic Approach is more then Surgery Ayurveda way of treatment is a kind of surgery without surgical instruments as it rooted out the disease by reversing it.

Diabetes Human body is like a sea, one small wave creates disturbance almost whole of the system, so the approach to reverse this pathological disturbances can be of integral nature, any agent working on single/two mechanisms can not be the solution.

Ayurveda treatment for paralysis Partial or complete loss of nerve functions due to any pathogenic condition,accidents can rejuvenated & regenerated with ayurveda treatments.

Complex nature of Turmeric- an indian kitchen herb Complex nature of natural compounds is the hurdle in carrying out researches in modern labs & at the same time this is the biggest QUALITY & fascination

Vedic Concept of Life Evolution & its applications in Ayurveda We are actively participating in developing ourselves according to vedic knowledge & not just the passive victim of circumstances in view of modern mechanics of life evolution

Vedanta Ayurveda Institute Disease cure, Health care &, Health Education is the three main objectives behind the starting a unique Ayurveda- Panchakarma & Herbal Treatment & Therapeutic Yoga & Knowledge resource Center

Natural Stem Cell Therapy Natural methods to rejuvenate & regenerate the abbretions in various cells due to any chronic disease / ageing.

Swine flu in ayurveda The disease condition parallel to Swine Flue in Ayurveda is Vata-shleshamika- jwara & this the most favorable season in occurrence of this disease, can be avoided by taking care of simple measures

Therapeutic Use of Gold & Diamond Bhasmas in Cancer Nanobulletes, nano-particles, nanobombs, and nano-tubes are new terms for fine particles of any metal

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