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The conventional approach of modern system of medicines is unable to handle the burden of various ailment so the users, health scientists & health professionals are looking not only for the remedies for a nos. of dreaded diseases specially life style generated special health conditions & Chronic complex disorders like Diabetes,Cancer , autoimmune disorders,geriatric disorders, chronic viral diseases & degenerative disorders but also slowly & gradually moving towards holistically way of understanding the process of diseases manifestation,early prediction, prevention & management of diseases.

Ayurveda is the time tested & in practice since centuries due to its integral approach towards stratified way of living, thinking, eating , detoxification & timely use of personalized required herbal food supplements to prevent ,manage& reverse the diseases .

It’s the need of the hour that the enormous Intellectual property in Indian System of medicine; Ayurveda that has been built over centuries to be useful to largest number of people around the world. To accelerate the process Dr. Prasher, MD; Vedanta Ayurveda started various training programmes & invites proposal of partnering with research organizations, & professionals at various levels throughout the world.

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