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Asthma – Chronic inflammatory state of lung tissues, & that can be reversed with the help of Panchakarma Therapies & personalized herbal medicines.

Autoimmune disorders in ayurveda horizons are actually metabolic disorders that can be reversed with the Ayurveda therapies & medicines along required adoption of life style & dietary regimen.

Ulcerative colitis, a parallel condition to rakta/ pittattisara described in ayurveda & can be reversed with personalized herbal medicines.

The development of Diabetic Complications depend not just on the uncontrolled levels of Blood sugar. HbA1C but on the prakriti of the person & Kha-Vaigunata of Dhatu and or the organ in that person. Like if Kh-vaigunata is in Mansa dhatu then Diabetic Myopathy is developed , if in Majja then Diabetic Neuropathy is developed & if kha-vaigunata in eyes then Diabetic Retinopathy is developed, if Kha-vaigunata is in Cardiac muscles/blood vessels then Diabetic cardiomyopathy is developed , if in kidney then Diabetic Nephropathy is developed & all these diabetic complications can be avoided & are treated at our centre with the help of personalized ayurvedic herbal medicines.

Nephrotic Syndrome,The premeha of pittaja types are similar disease conditions in ayurveda & we at Vedanta Ayurveda have treated a nos of cases by taking the leads from Charaka Samhita successfully.

Thyroid disorders,Hypothyroidism is Santarpanajnya vyadhi & hyperthyroid disorders are uptarpana-janya vyadhi & can be controlled / reversed depending on the state-chronicity of disease & prakriti of the patient.

Hyperlipedemia / dysipidemia,Stressful working / home conditions coupled with sedentary life ,dietary regimen, low agni are the causes of this disease condition & can be cured with personalized ayurveda therapies & medicines .

Kidney stones,Ashamari can be removed with ayurveda medicines without surgery, & tendency of recurrences can be minimized by improving the functioning of Ashti dhatu-agni.

Inflammatory Bowel disease[Irritable Bowel disease ], with similar clinical presentation in Ayurveda is Amattisara & can be reversed with the help of personalized ayurveda medicines .

Infertility, Vandhyatva is the similar disease in Ayurveda classics & can be treated with personalized ayurveda therapies & medicines.

Psoriasis, autoimmune genesis chronic inflammatory condition of skin,can be reversed with the help of personalized ayurvedic Panchakarma & ayurvedic herbal medicines.

Vitilago, Svitra can be cured depending on the chronicity with ayurveda medicines.

Depression, Avsada can be treated with the help of personalized ayurveda therapies , medicines , yoga , counseling & moral education.

Migraine, Annantvata can be treated with ayurveda effectively.

Menopausal Syndrome , The health hazards in menopausal states can be managed effectively without any untoward effects with personalized herbal food-supplements.

Gynecological disorders, various kind of gynecology disorders developed in different age groups can be treated with the help of ayurveda medicines.

PCOD, Poly cystic ovary disease is very common disease in modern age & can be reversed with the help of personalized ayurvedic panchakarma therapies & herbal medicines without any side effects.

Uterine fibroid, Garbhashya granthi is treated with the help of ayurvedic panchakarma therapies specially Basti , & personalized herbal medicines effectively.

Obesity, Body weight is managed successfully with the help of personalized herbal medicines by treating the underlying disease & by improving the basic metabolic rate,to avoid the development of obesity complications.

Geriatric disorders, due increase in average age the geriatric diseases are on the rise & can be treated effectively without side effects with the help of ayurveda medicines.

Urine–incontinence, is developed due to weakness of nerves controlling the bladder & urinating functions & that can be revived with the help of ayurvedic herbal medicines .

Sarcoidosis, abnormal formation of nodules in multiple organs due excessive collection of granulomas. Its Vatakaphaja disease from ayurveda view & we have reversed successfully in some cases at Vedanta Ayurveda

Neuropathy, effecting/damage nerves functions from sensory to motor depending on the severity of disease , it can be a complication of underlying disease,or as a disease .It can be improved with the help of ayurvedic herbal food-supplements as we have in our centre

Diseases Asthma Auto Immune Disorders Diabetic Complications Depression Geriatric Problems Gynecological Disorders Kidney Stones Hyperlipidemia Hypertension Infertility Menopausal Syndrome Migraine Obesity Thyroid Abnormalities Urine Incontinence

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