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Ayurveda FAQ

Ayurveda, Ancient Indian System of Life Sciences deals with knowledge to predict, preserve,promote & restore the span and quality of personal and social health based on the principles of Vedic metaphysics.

FAQ about Ayurveda System of Medicines

Ayurveda have no evidence of claims?

Ayurveda is a system of medicines documented the scientific facts from genesis to prevention,early detection,even in pre-disease conditions, proper clinical methods to diagnosis of disease with its type & state and logical guideline of treatments. Nos. of studies are conducted worldwide on herbs documented in ayurveda till date; not even a single herb is found in-effective that confirm that ayurveda literature is a evidence based medicine , the principles are yet to understand in modern language.

Ayurveda offer cure from Cold –Cancer?

Ayurveda is a system of medicines where almost various diseases with etiological factors, etio-parthenogenesis, prognosis,& treatments are documented .On modern experimental models for pharmaceutical studies, the simple Indian kitchen herb; turmeric is found effective in a range of diseases from cold to cancer, then the potentials in a complete system of medicines can be immense.

When nos of irreversible diseases cannot be treated in high tech modern hospitals, then how is possible in small Ayurveda centres/ clinics ?

Ayurveda treat the basic cause of the disease in relation to the constitution of person; not just the symptoms so it’s possible to treat even the complex disorders like cancer, autoimmune diseases , CRF,NS that could not be treated in modern advanced hospitals.

Why tests are needed when you are treating thru Ayurveda?

The way of diagnosis & selecting the line of treatments in ayurveda is altogether different & based on the Prakrit of diseased person but with the help of modern investigations we can pinpoint the state of disease & become easy to assess the effects of therapies, & secondly it’s very easy to make understandable for the patient as this is more convenient language nowadays.

What are advancements in modern time in Ayurveda?

No advancements can be done as far as ayurveda is concerned as it is very clearly stated in it’s literature as a Shashvata, but a no of studies are going on worldwide that can transliterate this complete system of medicines written in most ancient language of the world into modern understandable easy medical language.

Our modern consultants say that Ayurveda medicines are harmful because of having metals?

Charaka Samhita, Shushruta samhita & Vagbhata Samhitas are the basic texts of Ayurveda & in these books very few formulations are documented that contain some metals, in medieval period some formulation were developed that contain metals & these were for emergencies & in use for short duration diseases, & it is confirmed in a no. of studies the heavy metals are useful but if used for longer duration then can creates toxicities . In fact if the preparations that are used various metal deficiencies like gold, Iron, Calcium etc. used that are prepared by using ayurveda methods are more effective & tolerance then they are prepared with conventional modern methods.

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