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SATMYA a Personalized treatment cum Health Education programme to identify the nature of toxins,to detox n to boost the natural cell repairing mechanisms.

The Indian system Life Sciences is based on the concept Yatha-Pinde-Tatha-Brahmande by taking the leads from this we developed this concept to upgrade the state of health at all four dimensions of health. For detoxification and healing for senses-mind-spirit is yoga and for body is Ayurveda.

As we find in Charaka Samhita documented the need of knowledge of the state of Health of a person by analyzing the Prakriti , & interventions at various levels from day-today lifestyle, dietary regimen, seasonal use of kitchen herbs , seasonal panchakarma ,planning for a child,monthly regimen & use of specific herbal food supplements, reversing the disease process with panchakarma & herbal personalized formulations, restoration of health-maintenance –up-gradation to Samaprakriti to naishthiki chikitsa [ spiritual health].

In Ancient Period in India constitution of the parents were diagnosed before the couple planned for having a child .Based on the findings of the personality type of the parents a diet & life style regimen were tailor made for before, during the pregnancy as well as the time of birth, so that the new born could throughout lead a complete, healthy and purposeful life.

To achieve the optimum health status of all the four components – body – vital – mental – Spiritual and to develop harmonious integrity in between them and to avoid the possible disease in prone person. Dr. Ramniwas Prasher has developed a health rejuvenation program “SATMYA”- Vedanta Integral Health Care Systems

The details of regimens

Analysis, a complete personality analysis is carried out by using authentic tools of Ayurveda in simplified way and medical check up is optional for the registration in SATMYA.

Purification, the therapeutically required Panchakarma procedure is carried out to cleanse the body from various categories of toxins; for
Kaphaj toxins – Vamana,
Pittaj toxins – Virechana,
Vataj toxins – Anuvasana & Asthapana-Vasti,
Toxins above supraclavicular region – Shirovirechana
Mental level negative thoughts by practicing Personalized Therapeutic Yoga.

Rejuvenation, The Panchakarma therapeutics meant to optimize the utilization of the nutrients available within the body systems, to preserve physical-vital-energy and to save the body from decay & rejuvenation as well. Latest scientific research has confirmed findings of stem cells at the routes/systems which are touched/ reactivated following the Panchakarma technique.Personalized herbal Rasayana is used to rejuvenate & regenerate the required cells/system.

Therapeutic-personalized yoga, tailor made paranayama, mantra to energize and harmonize the Panchabhautika elements and mental gunas to upgrade Integral Health Status.

प्राणानुपालनाद्दीर्घमायुरवाप्नोतिति — If you have a strong desire to live a long-healthy-purposeful life you have to do continuous righteous efforts . We firmly believe in "सताभविगहितानि कर्माणि वृत्तिपुष्टिकराणि…दीर्घजीवत्यनवमत:पुरुषो भवति"– a person earning wealth through righteous means live a happy, healthy, wealthy & long life.”

Care Integral Health Analysis of Health Status Vedic Life Style Ayurveda Pharmacology of Food & Medicines SATMYA

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