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Personalized Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine for Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic inflammatory condition of adipose tissues affecting multiple tissues

The term Prameha is used in Charaka Samhita [2000-1500BC], Sushruta Samhita [1000-500BC] for the multisystemic metabolic disorders, similar to Diabetes Mellitus. Incidences of Diabetes type-II are increasing with the increase in materialistic orientation of society. An epidemic like situation is being realized especially with discovery of mutations in related genes & metabolic mechanisms. 250 million people are living with this health condition. Its complications are emerging as seventh leading causes of mortality.

The strength and nature of this natural healing power as well as susceptibility to disease largely depends upon our basic constitutions with which we are born. This is called as Prakriti which can be of seven types [vata, pitta, kapha, vata-pitta, vata-kapha, kapha-pitta, Sama Prakriti].The under/over/faulty-utilization of this internal healing mechanism weakens this natural homeostatic mechanism.

Causes & Ayurveda View, over & frequent eating habits, lack of physical exercise, triggers the disease process. Specifically intake of excessive milk & its products, sugarcane products, meat of aquatic animals, animals from marshy land, food products prepared from cereals that are less than one year old, recently prepared wines, physical inactivity, excessive sleep, excessive mental worry, obesity& sedentary life habits& faulty eating habits like eating before even previous food taken is not digested, eating food without any appetite . Twenty states of prameha, 10kaphaja, 6 pittaja, 4 vataja get manifested depending on the basic constitution of an individual, indulgence in different verities of causative factors enlisted & further affliction of tissue type as described – [medas] -adipose, [vasaa] fat, [rakta] blood cells, [shukra] sperm/stem cells,[ambu] water,[lasika] plasma,[majja]bone marrow,[rasa] lymph,[pishita] muscle, [ojas] factors responsible for immunity.

Great deal of research is on to find a reasonable good remedy for DM-type 2, all over the world; but till date the efforts have met with partial success.

Our effort at Vedanta Ayurveda in developing herbal compounds for the same is unique in the sense that it controls the blood sugar holistically without any side effect & to check the rate of progression of disease process effecting all systems and vital organs.

Two unique combinations of herbs are developed by Dr.Prasher for his patients.

1. Haridrakalpa-the one that reduces the inflammation of adipose tissues,by reducing the inflammation of adipose tissues restore the disturbs carbohydrates& fat metabolism.

2. Mehahara-may work by checking the absorption of sugar from food,by improving cellular glucose uptake,by insulin sensitization, by Regenerating Beta cells , by reducing mental stress.Some of the ingredients used in this formulation have similar kind of effects on various desired targets.

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