The integral balanced state among four dimensions of integral health is body, senses, mind, soul [ SArira-satva-indriya-AtmA Samyoga - Ayu ]

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Concept of holistic health management in Ayurveda give emphasis on medical interventions for all four components like calming & powering the mind with yoga practices & moral education, keeping physical health in good state with seasonal purification by Panchakarma & Rasayana Therapies adopting dietary & life style regimen prakriti-agni-habitat centeric.

Vajikarana therapy is parents to optimize the quality of gametes when they plan for a child, personalized herbal food supplements month wise month depending the nature of organ/system development during that period, along with balanced diet & timings of food-intake, keeping the moral high through various spiritual means, taking care of special desires during the gestation period so that child will be health & high esteemed. Personalized life style & dietary regimen advised to follow to optimize the state of health & maintain good personal & social health.

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