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Personalised Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines for Cancer

Cancer, a complex disease in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth, invasion, and sometimes metastasis. These three malignant properties of cancers differentiate them from benign tumors, which are self-limited.

In Ayurvedic literature terms like gulma, grahani, raktapitta,granthi & arbudha are similar disease conditions from blood, soft to hard tumors & treatment modalities from Panchakarma therapies, surgery,para-surgical interventions , personalized ayurveda based herbal formulations to fight out cancer of various types.

Leukemia Treatment, The abnormal / uncontrolled growth in sizes\ no of blood cells in bone marrow & other hematopoietic tissues like lymph nodes & spleen is termed as Blood cancers/ cancer of hematopoietic cells /Leukaemia.Classification of Blood Cancer based on the types of cells involved & progression of disease Acute lymphocytic leukaemia [ALL], Acute myelocytic leukaemia [AML], Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia [CLL], Chronic myelocytic leukaemia [CML], Hodgkin’s disease/ lymphomas, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphomas, Plasma Cell Neoplasm, Multiple Myeloma

Ayurveda based herbs in Blood Cancer , A disease condition with similar clinical features Raktapitta is described in Charaka Samhita, the main dosha is pitta that affects the growth of blood cells with the involvement of vata & kapha dosha, the nature of abnormal growth is diagnosed. The line of treatment we adopt at Vedanta Ayurveda Delhi – Panchakarma therapy & herbal formulations are decided based on the state and type of disease and Prakriti of person, dosha involved & bala & this approach is found effective in ~70% of the cases of blood cancer treated without any side effects .. The Ayurveda based personalized herbal formulations in two combinations of herbs- 1 Raktpittaharayoga– to reverse the disease process by improving the health of bone marrow & other hematopoietic tissues. 2. AmritaRasayana– to optimize the immune behavior against this particular disease.

Ayurveda in other types of Cancers, The choice of herbs depends upon the location , the stage and nature of the disease & Prakriti [ basic digestive metabolic makeup-agni-sharira-manas-vyadhikshmatva- bala] of diseased. After a vigorous study on the subject from Ayurveda Dr.Prasher developed his insight in this particular subject & treated a few nos. cases of different types of cancers & noted that Ayurveda system of Indian Medicines with personalized approach is helpful in overcoming this dreaded disease at various stages.

This treatment can be taken along with chemo-/radio-/after surgery, to improve the status of immunity, mental strength& physical strength. To minimize the side effects of chemo-/radio- therapeutic agents.

There are lots of worldwide successes stories that have get benefited from this Indian system of medicines & from yoga also. Some Panchakarma therapies are also helpful in this particular disease by detoxifying the whole system. The personalized Yoga & Pranayama techniques are also advised by Dr. Prasher found to be very beneficial. Personalized -guidelines for life-style & dietary habits.

Integral care of cancer is possible thru Ayurveda that target the disease process & improve the available natural healing power of the person

Ayurveda medicines in two combinations of herbal extracts/ sometimes fortified with diamond & Gold nano particles prepared by following ayurvedic personalized approach documented in Charaka samhita based on the nature, state & bala of disease & diseased –1. Arbudhaharayoga– to reverse the disease process by various mechanics & other one 2.Vedanta Kalpa-improve the natural innate immune behavior against cancer [ Oncoimmunology] & healing power and thereby check the further spreading of the disease.

These formulations are prepared from the inputs driven from reports, disease markers,and prakriti of the patient; we have tried in different types & stages of cancer & are found effective in checking the metastasis & in reversing the already manifested disease of various organs/ tissues. List of main Aushaddhies – tulsi,pushskarmula, triphala,katuki, haldi, bhallataka, rasona, sunthi, vasa,patha, sarpunkha, kanchanara, manjishta,Indian berries,ashvagandha, chitaraka, apamarga, shatavari, sadabahara, dronapushpai,punarnava,gudhuchi etc documented under these disease conditions are found to be effective in various types of cancers in modern researches.

This personalized approach is found effective in more then 70% of the cases ,better are the chances if patient is taking good appetite & proper diet ; these medicines are in capsules form , no side effects and can be taken with other medicines/therapies.

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