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Personalized Herbal Food Supplements for CRF/CKD/NS

imgAyurveda Possibilities in Treating CRF
Ayurveda advocate the treatment of person as a whole with taking care of Prakriti, agni-digestive & metabolism capabilities, psychosomatic strength, and type & state of disease.

The Principles of Treatment for Kidney Diseases at Vedanta Ayurveda

1.Nidana Prevarjana-To avoid the food stuff ,required changes in life style & medicines that are harmful to the kidneys,and treat / control the underlying disease causing kidney failure

2.To improve the status of protein & fat metabolism, specially protein metabolism & its utilization by the system get disturbed in all types of kidney disease & initial stage of the diseases in ayurveda are termed as types of Pittaja-Prameha & these types can be reversed with the help of ayurveda based herbal medicines selected based on the prakriti, agni,& type of disease completely & the end stages of CRF are vataja types of premaha .

To Rejuvenate The Damaged Kidneys, To rejuvenate the nephrons with rasayana therapy, we at Vedanta Ayurveda have seen that the echo-texture get changed & in few cases the size of kidneys get improved that can be possible by stimulating the required specific stem cells that have stimulated the regeneration of nephrons.

Outcome of Compiled Data generated at Vedanta Ayurveda, 1670 cases of Chronic Renal Failure has been treated with 73% success rate with personalized ayurveda based herbal medicines;in between 1998-2013 so far by Dr. Prasher, among them 41% were on dialysis & in about 62% of these cases on an average after 9 months the requirements of dialysis was not there.In about 15% of cases very little/ no effect could be observed.59% of the patients were on their initial state among them 46% of patients were recovered completely after 1-3 years of treatment. The effects of these medicines start after one month on the levels of S.creatinine , B. urea, Hb%,Urine protein & three months on echo-texture of kidneys .

The tailor-made personalized herbal compounds are prepared from Varuna, Punarnava, Arjuna, Musta, Bumiamalaki,Amrita, Sariva, Chopachini, Vasa, Patola and others, reversed the disease process involved by improving the protein metabolism & by improving filtration capabilities; the renal functions slowly & gradually.

Ayurveda based herbal medicines can help in recovering kidney’s health & these are in capsules form in two combinations

1.Livakalpa- to improve the protein metabolism – to reduce the excessive formation of creatinine & urea and also improve the protein utilization 2.Nephrokalpa– to protect & to rejuvenate the kidneys

The effects of these medicines on S. creatinine, B. urea,Hb% start after first months course of medicines and on protein levels in serum & on echo-texture & 24 hours protein loss in urine after three months in most of the cases in more than 70% of the persons

Leaves part of herbs are not used in preparing the end product to avoid the excessive K

These product do not have any kind of heavy metals

No side effects

These medicines can be taken with other medicines

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