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Ayurveda, need of the modern society

The physio-psychological nature can be transformed to retard the rate of ageing process,health state for ever can be achieved & stepping towards immortality by revealing spirituality is possible.

It was just impossible to believe some years back that complicated surgeries can be done without anesthesia, but that were documented 5000 years back by Sushruta in Ayurveda.

The prognostic classification in Ayurveda, curative, reversible with some difficulty, irreversible but can be controlled with medication, irreversible even cannot be controlled could not be changed about a single disease till date in spite of so much researches all over the world.

Some of the life saving & revolutionary molecules are driven from the herbs documented in Ayurveda then why not the time tested concepts, procedures, life-style at least till the time we reach in a better position through researches in stead of doing some hit & trail experiments as in India; from my childhood I am keenly following these things e.g. An awareness campaign were carried out against feeding the child and now from years for feeding.

We should also think about the radical control/cure on the line that a patient of hypertension carry on taking medicines for whole life even when there is no known related pathological factor, here I am talking about increase in dozes, numbers of medicines & their short /long –term side effects .Ok, right if this treatment can just control BP in terms of its related hazards on various systems of the body.

Before three decade it was not possible to regenerate any types of damaged cells like hepatic, pancreas, nerve cells, but now gene therapy/stem cells implantation makes it possible. These concepts of repair, regeneration of damaged cells in some pathological state is described in Ayurveda & more advances than this; measures to rejuvenate the damaged cells due to ageing process & to prolong the age elaborately described.

The measures for regeneration,rejuvenation,maintenance & promotion of health at cellular level and integral health status; proneness, manifestation, diagnosis, type, virulence, prognosis & principles of management along with treatment modalities of various kind of diseases depending on the constitution are dealt in detail. We should look it as a main stream health science in light of modern zone of science,to understand the leads provided in rich literature of Ayurveda.

Surprised to see some proven areas like RASAYANA,YOGA NA TASYA ROGO NA JARA NA MRITUH, PRAPTASYA YOGAAGNIMAYAM SHARIRAM, The physio-psychological nature can be transformed to retard the ageing process,health state for ever & stepping towards immortality by revealing spirituality .

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