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Panchakarma Therapy & Traditional Treatments

Panchakarma Therapy [Detoxification Process] The complete detoxification of body from disease causing agents is known as Panchakarma Therapy. Billions of dead cells get accumulated in side the system most of them get destroyed or cleaned by the system itself ,panchakarma therapies help the system in a natural way & help in changing the required flora with the change in season,or in pathological states. It involves a series of treatment after predicting the nature of toxins , state & type of disease and prakriti & Agni of diseased. It is done for two purposes

1. As a Preventive Measure In healthy persons seasonal panchakarma therapies are advised like to offload vata A course of Basti is done in Varsha ritu season,for pitta in Sharda ritu,& to expel out kapha toxins Vamana is done in Vasanta ritu. Due to life style,dietary regimen, age, seasonal variation, habitat some of the doshas get increased in their physiological range only & these vitiated doshas can create any disease in future/ weaken the immune system/ accelerate the ageing the process in various organ systems. After excreting out from the body some Rasayana therapy is advised to avoid the manifestation of possible doshika disease to slow down the ageing process and to remain disease free even in old age.

2. As a Therapeutic measure To detox from vitiated dosha/ doshas in a disease manifested state with the help of one or more process of shodhana therapeutic measures to treat/ reverse the underlying disease condition.

Panchakarma Therapy , involves a series of processes-

A. Purvakarma [Pre-Panchakarma Therapy]– To carry out Shodhana therapy the body is prepared so that all the toxins can be removed completely , Deepana – Pachana – Snehana-Svedana are done. Deepana – Pachana The measures to improve digestive and metabolic status of person is improved along with advice on special diet. Snehana (Oleation)- is done for 3, 5 or 7 days depending on the prakriti of person & quantity & nature of dosha,Internal and external uses of medicated oil/ ghee to dislodges the entangled doshas . Svedana (Steam Therapy) with suitable herbal water after oleation to open all the channels or to propel the circulating doshas into gut.

B. Pradhana Karma [Panchakarma Therapy ] Specific type of Shodhana therapeutic is selected among 5 processes for specific type of disease and type of toxins-

a) Vamana (Therapeutic Emesis) To detox the body from Kapha dosha. About 600 emetic herbal combinations are documented in Charaka Samhita & are used based on the nature & type of diseases and prakriti of the person. Vamana is indicated vasant ritu for healthy & in Kapha vitiated disease conditions like diabetes, some skin disease, asthma, coronary artery disease, obesity etc.

b) Virechana (Therapeutic Purgation) To detoxify Pitta dosha . About 900 formulations are used for purgation in different kind of disease. Virechana is done in Sharda Ritu in healthy persons and in pitta vitiated diseases like asthma,hyperacidity, hypertension, bleeding disorders, heart disease .

c) Asthapana (Therapeutic Enema with herbal Water) , Vasti is done in rainy season in healthy & Vata dominant disorders like Cancer, paralysis, Arthritis, various aches/ pains slip disc, spondylitis, and the disorders, which affect the lower portion of the body.

d) Anuvasana (Therapeutic Enema with herbal oil) ,As a part of Vasti Karma, practically after every one/two/three Asthapana vasti, Anuvasana is given depending on the nature of disease & diseased. It is also done alone also to pacify Vata and to provide nutrition in emaciated diseased person.

e) Shirovirechana or Nasayam (Medication through Nasal route) Nasayam is done to detox & rejuvenate supra-clavicular organs and in diseases like sinusitis, facial paralysis, migraine etc.

C. Pashchata Karma [Post Panchakarma Therapy Care]After eliminating the toxins by using one / more Panchakarma process, special diet regimen and life style is advised like Laghu Ahara and slowly; gradually the person is put on regular diet. This process takes time equal to the time taken in Panchakarma procedures.

Traditional Treatments famous as Kerala Panchakarma, These special developed treatment modalities like Patrapinda Svedana,Shasthi-shali-pinda Svedana,Shirodhra,Kati/hradiya/Akshi-Basti etc.are used as a part of treatment in some chronic disorders and for general health care .

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